Marc And Cesar: The Hottest Couple In Zurich

Let’s talk today about the winner couple of the 2020 Switzerland Partner Contest (SPC). The coronation took place in a wonderful atmosphere in the middle of the city of Zurich (Switzerland).

Who Is The Hottest Couple In Zurich?

Plain and simple; the hottest couple in Zurich is Marc and Cesar.

the hottest couple in zurich is marc and cesar
Marc And Cesar: The Hottest Couple In Zurich

The couple Marc and Cesar were the only lovers who took the hurdles to enter this extraordinary event of awarding the sexiest couple of this year.

With their unique personality and top-notch fashion, the duo drew everyone’s attention. When Marc and Cesar entered the room, the air vibrated, and everyone felt the sexiness of the two men.

It was clear from the start that the two lovers are the hottest couple in Zurich.

It was a beautiful celebration with a lot of famous and good-looking men in the lovely town of Zurich.

Criteria For A Sexy Looking Couple

The judges have put together a huge list of unique criteria for nominating, voting, and deciding who deserves the title of the best looking couple in Zurich, Switzerland.

These criteria include hair cut, beard care, communication skills, smell, travel activity, dancing talent, and happiness.

All the best for the wedding!